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Our Luxury Tours & Luxury Cruises division at Travel Leaders provides support booking Luxury Vacations to exotic destinations. Whether you are looking for the perfect River Cruisein France, a luxury Silversea Cruise in Europe, an African Safari Tour, an Escorted tour in Italy, a fabulous overwater bungalow on a Tahiti Honeymoon, or other Dream Vacation we have the Luxury Travel Agent to help you!

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Luxury Tours & Cruises also offers Specialty Tours, Europe Tours, and Escorted tours to Cuba. There are great deals for Specialty Group Discounts, South America Escorted Tours, and Air Discounts on tours of China. You can do Land / Cruise packages to Alaska. If you are looking for Honeymoon Tour, we can make the perfect honeymoon for you!! No Luxury Tour package would be complete without a Luxury Cruise to Tahiti, Fiji, Australia or New Zealand. Tours to South Africa are popular too, complete with a private guided Safari! Find out how to save up to 10% off your favorite Tour Packages! Call one of our specialists now!

Planning a Luxury Tours & Cruises Vacation can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. We have not only the trained professionals who are certified by the prominent vacation suppliers, but also the connections for discounts, special services and more! All of our trained Luxury Tours & Cruises Agents are here to help! If you need a Cruise, Tour, Private Guide, Chartered ship, Chartered Sailboat, or any other special Luxury Tours & Cruises destination help, we are here for you! Call one of our Luxury Tours Cruises Specialists today.

Who we Are

Luxury Tours & Cruises is a certified IATA and ARC bonded Travel Agency and a member of the Travel Leaders affiliation headquartered in Houston Texas. We have been in business for over 30 years. Founded in 1982,we have over 75 trained Travel Agent specialist who can help you plan your cruises and tours. Maybe it's due to the Oil & gas industry that we have been lucky enough to understand and cultivate the needs of luxury clientele. We have been able to parlay that experience and grow to expand our reach to clientele World Wide. We have several different divisions. Our low cost travel packages can be found www.futuretr.com. Our Disney Only Travel Agents can be found at www.dreamscometruevacations.com. Our specialty groups can be found at www.eclipsetours.com. If you want to read more about us, check out our media & press links here. We have spent the last 30 years understanding the world of travel so we can bring you the best knowledge, service and Travel Discounts in the industry.

What we Offer

Free Travel Planning services for Luxury Tours & Cruises. Whether it’s a Silversea Cruise or Safari Tour in Africa, we can get you the best knowledge and information you need to know and guide you step by step through the process of booking.

Discounts for Luxury Tours and Cruises

There are several sites on the internet that offer discounts on the best cruise brands like Silversea Cruises. We can offer the same AND add bonuses like $200 for on board Credits, Free Massages, and a Free Limo from your home to the airport. Contact one of our agents to get all the "value added" service items we offer you on your Luxury Tour or Cruise vacation.

Luxury Cruises

The Luxury Cruise brands we support are certified, bonded, and reputable vendors who pass a stringent test of industry viability. Silversea Luxury Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Seabourn Cruises, Azamara Cruises, and Viking Ocean Cruises are trusted partners we can help you book and support you before, during, and after your cruise. For Luxury River Cruises, we are pleased to bring you Avalon River Cruises, Viking River Cruises, AMA Waterways River Cruises, Uniworld Luxury River Cruises and Tauck River Cruises as trusted partners. If you are thinking of a private cruise ship charter or adventure small ship cruises, we also work with many trusted partners who have been in business 20 years or more.

Luxury Tours

Luxury Tours are probably the most changing and evolving business in recent years. With more and more people wanting unique Tour experiences, we have wisely chosen to partner with the most trusted and the best equipped tour operators to handle you on every step of your journey. Abercrombie & Kent Tours, Tauck Tours, Journese, Pacific Island and Hawaii Tours, Kensington Tours, and Travcoa Tours to name a few. Do you need a private tour of the Vatican? Are you looking for front row seats at the World Cup? Do you need a private balloon ride over the mountains of Turkey? We have the perfect partner in Luxury Tours operators for every idea, that will take care of you before, during, and after your Vacation.