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AMA Luxury River Cruises

AMA Waterways Luxury River Cruises offers a unique Luxury River Cruise vacation experience. Visit a plethora of destinations unreachable by large cruise ships. Each of AMA Waterways Luxury River Cruise ship interiors ensure an elegant and welcoming onboard atmosphere. Other features such as complimentary meals and shore excursions, allow guests of AMA Waterways Luxury River Cruises to enjoy their time both onboard and onshore. AMA Waterways is also working with Adventures by Disney, to create Disney River Cruises!

Peaceful and scenic, river cruising offers a smooth, gentle ride along the world’s most remarkable waterways. Supreme comfort and convenience make it the premier way to experience magnificent cities, historic villages and little-seen enclaves. From your stateroom balcony, endless natural beauty combines with evolving views of the colorful local scenery. Castles and fortresses tower on both sides, as if you could reach out and touch them. When your ship docks in the heart of town, stroll ashore for included excursions or set off to explore on a complimentary bicycle. Unpack just once then settle in as each destination comes to you. With no need to navigate from place to place, you’ll find a sense of adventure and a sense of home all in one vacation.

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