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A land of pristine whiteness, where its creatures have figured out remarkable ways to survive a life in the freezer. The landscape is as harsh as it is magical. Icebergs of indescribable beauty are carved and polished into fantastic shapes and sizes by the elements, patterns of blue ice form irregular etchings on the face of floating ice chunks, and the roar of calving glaciers echoes between sheer-sided channel walls. Roughly scoured peaks of rock and ice are reflected in the serene waters of protected bays that are frequented by basking seals and inquisitive whales. The coastal shores and sub-Antarctic islands are home to hundreds of squawking and honking penguin rookeries and seal colonies as well as nesting seabirds; the incessant commotion and comic antics of half a million tuxedoed forms is one of the most characteristic and endearing features of a trip to the Antarctic Peninsula.

Our recommendation, is the Crystal Cruise to Antarctica on the Crystal Symphoy Ship. Visit the spa, the relax on the deck while gliding past glaciers and watching the azure sea in style.  Discover some of the world’s rarest wildlife and terrain on exciting excursions led by the region’s most passionate and seasoned guides.
Regardless of how you choose to get there, those that choose to journey to the ‘end of the world’ can be sure of experiencing a voyage incomparable to any other. For more information, contact one of our Luxury Antartica specialists at or call 1-888-994-7674.

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